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Cleaning the Coop

  The weather has lightened up a little. It’s suddenly close to +0 C., which is even better than -0 C. I feel like breaking out the shorts! When it warms up the chicken coop gets damp as the frost comes out of everywhere. The smell of ammonia can get quite powerful. After I did my duty to […]

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Rest of the Roosters

They were getting no rest at all. You see…two weeks ago I heard a weird sounding animal…somewhere. I had to hear it 4 times before it occurred to me that the new roosters had matured to the early crowing stage. When the first try this they sound forlorn and pitiful, rather than brave and majestic. That […]

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Getting the Feathers Off

Immediately after beheading or sticking a chicken you have to get the guts out asap. I have to get some feathers off first so I can tell where I’m going. (Click on pictures to enlarge them) 1. Stick the knife upside down under the skin at the knuckle of the leg and cut towards the base […]

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Beheading the Rooster: warning>it’s gory

I decided against the video of the beheading. The rest is gory enough, but it’s a necessary task in order to put chicken on the table. Suck it up… here goes. The plan to capture him had a couple of hitches. When I produced the flashlight inside the pen, the rooster wasn’t on the roost. Isn’t that where […]

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Rooster and Hens heading for the coop

Tomorrow the Rooster Dies

This is the plan:  I’m going to sneak into the pasture pen @ 2am or so when it’s as dark as possible to capture the flighty rooster. When you are this far north there isn’t much darkness during the night as we are close to the longest day of the year. In fact the landscape […]

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Mad, Sad and Glad

  Mad: I let the hen out that I had such hopes for. The eggs were cold for a whole day while she caroused around her room. She’d had enough and wanted out. I obliged her. It’s become obvious that from the number of eggs in the nest that she only lays one egg a week. […]

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