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Veggie Tails – Part 1

 PUT A CAPTION TO THESE IN THE COMMENTS!                                                                                              NUMBER 1                                        NUMBER 2                                                                                         NUMBER 3                                                                                                                                        NUMBER 4                                                                                                                        NUMBER 5 Be a friend by sharing…

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Strawberry Uses

There is an obviously long list of possible used for the strawberry itself. Then there is the looked-over leaves, stem and root. Like I mentioned I’ve been having flu like symptoms. It has all mostly subsided within about 24 hours thankfully. My insides still don’t seem totally agreeable with food. I feel it’s important to let your […]

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The winner is…

Anna-Marie gets the applause. She guessed parsnip roots were on the plate in the post “What’s for Supper?” For some strange reason, this spring’s crop were all roots except for a little 1-2″ / 3-5cm round ball. I had a big bag of them. I pondered on whether they would be worthwhile. The roots held […]

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