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Seriousness of Non-Hybrids

Sherry: Wow, Mike Adams that published this is a ‘bird of a feather’. Right on. Right on Mike! __________________________________________ Dear Natural News readers, (from insider@naturalnews.com) Most Natural News readers are into preparedness or self-reliance at some level: they grow a garden, stockpile a bit of food or even just do their own countertop sprouting. Our […]

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Naked Seeds

  Who would have thought? If I had pumpkins with naked seeds I wouldn’t have to hull them. The down side is that I would eat more and add too many healthy calories… If I find these seeds without hulls - will  I be able to resist? They must be hybrids. I was wondering just last week […]

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Unusual Pumpkin Seeds

As many years as I’ve grown my own pumpkin from my own self-harvested seed, I haven’t seen any this big. They come from the ugly yellow, hybrid variety that I was so mad about this last summer. As the economy looks ever more like an impending collapse, I keep trying to become more independent. Sooner or […]

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Collecting seeds: radish

The dog tried to make a nest in what’s supposed to be my radishes for seed. As the dead and drying plants layed on the porch minding themselves, the dog decided to clutter them around in a circle . There wasn’t enough in the pile to make much of a nest for all her troubles, but you could […]

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Tough lesson from a fellow gardener

After all my griping I was talking to some other gardeners in the area. For one thing I’m not the only one with yellow pumpkins this year. This reminds me of the years I bought carrot seeds and they turned out to be all colours of the rainbow: orange, red, purple and yellow, green even. […]

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Mmmmm…Smell that Basil

Some jobs or work are made all the more marvelous by the smells around the area. I would love to work in a greenhouse. It smells like Hawaii in a northern setting. Today the garden had its own wonderful smell. It was the powerful, pungent and minty aroma of Basil that I noticed when I was […]

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The winner is…

Anna-Marie gets the applause. She guessed parsnip roots were on the plate in the post “What’s for Supper?” For some strange reason, this spring’s crop were all roots except for a little 1-2″ / 3-5cm round ball. I had a big bag of them. I pondered on whether they would be worthwhile. The roots held […]

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