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Smoking: Meat of course

I should’ve had the title say “Smoking Pot…Roast” and checked to see how many hits I got on my blog. :)) The sausage sat overnight in a covered tub outside. It was +2 C which is just above freezing. That made a perfect refrigerator. I drug out my smoker. This is only the second time […]

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Bacon Without Nitrites?

Yes it can be done, but by yourself. The bacon you find in the store contains nitrites┬áin order to inhibit the formation of bacteria. If you want to make your own, you start with your own piggy meat. The area around the rib cage (called the pork belly)┬áis most commonly used, but contains a lot […]

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It’s almost Hunting Season

Hubby got drawn for a Deer and an Antlerless Elk. Wahhooo!………..there’s only one Big problem: No freezer room.     I don’t know how to tell him that…uhh, Honey, the freezer is full of vegetables so you won’t get to go hunting this year – we have no place to put any meat. He’s a […]

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