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New Seedlings

 It snowed 6″/15cm the other night. The temperature fell to -19C. Purely an ugly April nightmare. There is hope. Hope for spring. Praise God that the seasons still perform there functions. Although there is a ton of white fluff and more angel-dandruff falling by the hour, the ground has little or no frost left in it. […]

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The Country Creek

Take a listen to this bubbly, gurgling creek that’s out behind our house… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud0m7tUxrhs Be a friend by sharing…

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The Long Awaited Day

The leaves are out. There should be a happy dance for this. It makes me feel like a kid again. My peas got planted yesterday finally. I could have put them in earlier but was a tad busy. I soaked them for a day before hand and watered the trenches to give them the best […]

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Edible Alfalfa

Nature’s Spring Tonic

  Dandelion Here’s an ugly and formidable potion that’s good for what ails you. After a long, barren winter, it’s good to put something natural, unadulterated, and green into your system. Make sure you know or study your plants, or ask here and I’ll do what I can to help. Find what’s available that you […]

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Garden Lettuce

Lettuce planted last winter is up.

Well…it is up and out of the ground, but not as much as the thumbnail picture depicts. That was just for fun. I took a head of lettuce out to the garden and stuck it in the soil. I couldn’t help myself. I got my giggle out of it. This is what it really looks […]

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Who can guess what’s on the plate?

I skipped out to the garden to see if there was anything edible yet. There were a few interesting things. I brought one of them into the house to clean up for supper. It’s on the bottom right of the plate in the picture. It looks a bit yellowish and noodle-looking.  You will win my […]

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How do you get a chicken to set on eggs?

I wish I knew more. If anyone can help with this one, it would be great. This is what I know: 1. Leave behind dummy eggs or risk the real ones breaking. 2. Leave a few straws over them for camouflage.3. Be sure it’s dark and secretive looking.4. If one acts hormonal-screechy at you/others, her […]

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Life in Town

The first 12 years of my life was spent living in a small town. This was so, but I was decidedly ‘in’ it…not ‘of‘ it.  Dad built a small house on a new lot that was on the fringe of town. Across the street from our house was a forest. That was my most desired […]

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