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New Seedlings

 It snowed 6″/15cm the other night. The temperature fell to -19C. Purely an ugly April nightmare. There is hope. Hope for spring. Praise God that the seasons still perform there functions. Although there is a ton of white fluff and more angel-dandruff falling by the hour, the ground has little or no frost left in it. […]

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Your own Beans

Today I am sifting and re-sifting through my bag of bean pods. This was the first year that I decided to salvage left over peas and beans and greens from the garden in the fall. I can’t believe I let these things go to waste before! To think that I’ve bought bags of beans for […]

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No-Cost Grain

Remember me digging chicken fodder from a neighbor’s bin? I wasn’t the best because it was a little musty, but good enough for chickens. Today I took my annual trip to the Seed Cleaners. Yah, not the Dry Cleaners.  I called them in February to make sure that their stock of seed grain samples weren’t […]

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When Potatoes are $5/lb.

Over our supper of steak, spud and carrot stew Hubby told me some shocking news. He was visiting a couple in town yesterday. The wife had just been out grocery shopping and was peeling 3 potatoes for supper. She told my man that she had just spent $6 on these potatoes…and look here she exclaimed, one of […]

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Food Storage: part 1

This post is in support of the great necessity of food storage. As I previously insisted, it seems impossible to be able to create some of the basic necessities of life through one lonely person’s own abilities. I believe the closest we can get to having what we like and are used to, is to preserve […]

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Trashy Light Bulbs

It took 2 months to realize that there was an upsurge in the number of times I had to replace light bulbs. After a few weeks I started dating the bulbs to keep track. Soon I had to put one in per day. Enough was enough ! ! I found a number to call the Champion Light […]

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Eating Bear Meat and others…

Hubby new Ara Thomas, the bush trapper. Ara lived alone - secluded and by himself. He was a hardy old fella. He had determination, grit and a cheerful nature. He came out from his cabin to visit occasionally and to let his experiences flow to other minds. He shared the following comical tale. 3 hunters came out his way hunting for […]

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Cooking – part 1: what it has become

The world is busy. We are busy trying to keep up. It gets harder to find time for even the most important requirements of life and family. On the food side of things it is obviously apparent by a stroll down a grocery isle. If you took everything out of the store that has been […]

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