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Eating Bear Meat and others…

Hubby new Ara Thomas, the bush trapper. Ara lived alone - secluded and by himself. He was a hardy old fella. He had determination, grit and a cheerful nature. He came out from his cabin to visit occasionally and to let his experiences flow to other minds. He shared the following comical tale. 3 hunters came out his way hunting for […]

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I’m Impatient for the Artichokes

I rooted up another plant of the Jerusalem Artichoke hoping for enough to taste.  It’s 6 foot  high or about two meters. I just found out that it’s also called “Sunroot” or “Sunchoke”, etc. and is a relative of the Sunflower! No wonder it’s so tall. This is funny because just 2 days ago when I […]

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Growing Jerusalem Artichokes in the North

There’s a first time for everything. This is my first time for this. It was inspired by a blog comment by Anna-Marie.     I read up on it, because this thing sounds pretty foreign. I’m also still excited to know how to post a link to the web. That’s me! I didn’t know they […]

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