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Strawberry for the Flu

  …and it works…for diarrhea anyways. I had some Dr. Fowlers Strawberry extract in my ‘witch’s’ pantry. It was there from ancient years gone by. I could barely read the faded instructions on the back. I took my 1 1/1 teaspoons as recommended in one swoop to the lips.Whaaa! Yeeks…I didn’t remember it being that […]

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Dandelion Extract in the News

This is new news: (all italics are my words) Scientist and government are just starting to get it. They are agreeing to do toxicology trials on dandelions. If they figure out the dandelion root tea is the end all to cancer what will they do – tax us per dandelion on our property? It would […]

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Strawberry Uses

There is an obviously long list of possible used for the strawberry itself. Then there is the looked-over leaves, stem and root. Like I mentioned I’ve been┬áhaving flu┬álike symptoms. It has all mostly subsided within about 24 hours thankfully. My insides still don’t seem totally agreeable with food. I feel it’s important to let your […]

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