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Naomi sent pics…

She really wants to do her own thing so bad! If she gets any more in her yard, it will cover up the neighbor’s boat.(wink) She had problems with her tomatoes. Something I’ve never seen. Please comment.           On the other hand, she has a beautiful “edible landscape” right there in […]

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Some Tomatoes are more susceptible to Blossom End Rot (BER) than others. It seems like any condition that causes them stress invites the cancerous blight. I say ‘cancerous’ because I think that stress is what causes deformed cells and deteriorating cancer-causing conditions in us as well. Why not ‘plant cancer’?   The stress this year was not […]

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Bug Salsa

Here’s a funny one. I came up with this one when my hot pepper plant gone over-loaded with aphids. The plant was really infested and under the plant there was a heap of ‘body shells’.  I think I’ll skip the onion and garlic, but if it doesn’t work I’ll make the full recipe.       […]

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