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Unusual Pumpkin Seeds

As many years as I’ve grown my own pumpkin from my own self-harvested seed, I haven’t seen any this big. They come from the ugly yellow, hybrid variety that I was so mad about this last summer. As the economy looks ever more like an impending collapse, I keep trying to become more independent. Sooner or […]

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The Dried Green Experiment

After I tried the Kale Krunch  that used oil and an oven to toast it into a dried state, I decided to just to start drying the garden greens. It was too late for the Kale this fall. It was already too bitter. The Swiss Chard was big, still luscious and I didn’t want it to go […]

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Swiss Chard

What I’ve done with my massive amount of Swiss Chard: 1. Cut, picked, carried, and washed my heart out,of course. 2. Peeled the green leafy material* away from the stalk.       3. Saved the stalk for relish.           4. Steamed some of the green stuff* until it had shrunk. […]

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Common Sweet Clover for headaches

Although herbs can be beneficial, they should always be used with caution like any medicinal thing. Sweet clover is no exception. Dillon is a young fella that visited here recently and he gets headaches occasionally so he was interested when I started teaching him about this particular clover. There was some not so far away, […]

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Anything More To Be Said About Zucchini? Oh ya!

Like why are my zucchini so big (chest high) and there’s still hardly a vegetable to pick?…Weird.     Why are folks so sceptical about leaving their windows down in zucchini season? There are so many things to do with zucchini that one could never run out of ways to use them…cakes,  muffins, cookies, stir-fries, salads, […]

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Cattails-the lifesaver

 I  want this blog to be about surviving life with happiness. If you are familiar with the wild plants you might get farther down life’s path. A  tummy full of healthy food makes a happy person. That is why there are lots of unconventional approaches here about what you can do for yourself if all else fails. […]

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