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Another Bird under my Window

A cute little birdy hit the window. The birds don’t often survive such a hit. It breaks their necks or something. I was really hoping for this little fella…   https://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=ygpgp8ICE-o   I had to search the web to find out what species it was: http://www.all-birds.com/Waxwings.htm I think it’s a baby Waxwing brought here by the […]

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Baby Frogs Invade in Massive Numbers

I couldn’t believe the swarm of tadpoles this year. This video is a ‘must-see’! The water is shimmering a bit so it spoils the view somewhat. The boards you see are part of a pallet that we used for access to the water when the water line was lower – so it’s beneath the water.       […]

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Video of Robin’s Hatching.

  Remembered the nest of eggs I found? They are hatching! I thought the eggs were something to behold, but this is special! They are as ugly as can be, but so precious too. Two down, two to go. THE VIDEO:  2 down, 4 to go       Be a friend by sharing…

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Happy chicks playing

  They’re eating, drinking, playing, running, sleeping…sorry I can’t help myself. There antics are so sweet. I started feeding them little pieces of green alfalfa, etc. You have to start them young.  The red heat lamp is what is making some of the shot reddish. >https://www.youtube.com/v/Wb7kZmFU8go?version=3&feature=player_detailpage”><param      Be a friend by sharing…

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Baby Chicks Everywhere

 I ordered 50 little yellow fluff balls. I hope they survive all the loving everyone wants to give them. It’s hard to believe that they can ship these by mail. They usually arrive in fine shape. When they exit the egg, they have enough good nutrition in them to last 2 days without anything. They fail quickly […]

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