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Dog Food

We feed our big poochy some unusual things. She decided if it’s worth it. We kept scraps from the deer and elk we hunted last fall. Some of it kept in the freezer and some was preserved in our cheap-as-crazy outdoor freezer (compliments of our northern winter: any box on the porch). The last piece […]

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New Seedlings

 It snowed 6″/15cm the other night. The temperature fell to -19C. Purely an ugly April nightmare. There is hope. Hope for spring. Praise God that the seasons still perform there functions. Although there is a ton of white fluff and more angel-dandruff falling by the hour, the ground has little or no frost left in it. […]

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Our Wood Supply

The coldest winter in more than a decade has taken a big bite out of our wood pile. We just moved in a couple more bucketfuls into the house. We take out a basement window and toss it into the basement. We keep a pile of dry wood off to the side until the next wet batch […]

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Deer Destroying the Trees

I called the Wildlife office. I asked if they had any great ideas of how I could keep the deer from eating all the new trees I had planted in my shelter-belt. They asked what kind of deer. I said they were white-tail. It was explained to me that mule deer browse pines and such, […]

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Eating Bear Meat and others…

Hubby new Ara Thomas, the bush trapper. Ara lived alone - secluded and by himself. He was a hardy old fella. He had determination, grit and a cheerful nature. He came out from his cabin to visit occasionally and to let his experiences flow to other minds. He shared the following comical tale. 3 hunters came out his way hunting for […]

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Blistery Weather

It’s an ‘old-fashioned’ winter. I use that term loosely because I’m not sure I want to admit I remember when the winter’s were bitter and the snow was deeper. For the last dozen years…no..choke…17 or 18 years (!) we have had very moderate snow falls and temperatures. Gone are the freezing blasts that tested our temperaments […]

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Party time

The bales are gone…wahoo. The stress is off…yay! The elk all filed past this afternoon, going towards the west. I don’t know where. Someone elses bales? I hope not. The herds get larger every year. The poor farmers are having a hard time keeping the hay for their domestic animals. If elk had to fend for […]

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Winter Survival-short term

Now that the landscape has turned from greens and browns to greys and white, I have to take a hard look again at this question that nags me each winter. What would I do to survive out there? Outside of my cozy home. What if it was -20, -30, -40?? I stare at the snow and […]

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